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We are experienced in water softener installations, repairs, and all other services. Are you tired of dry skin? Do you ever feel frustrated when you have washed your dishes just to find that they are filled with hard water spots? The best solution to these problems and many other plumbing problems is by installing a water softener. This can not only benefit your own skin but is great for the plumbing in your home. It can protect the pipes, fixtures, and appliances from breaking down prematurely. How this works is through a process called ion exchange. The hard water is moved through a mineral tank and the calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions. This soft water goes through the pipes and helps protect them from hard water build up. Soft water is also good for your clothes, hair and it will also help with the amount of soap and detergent being used, which is an added benefit. We only install high quality water softeners that are made locally here in Utah by Pacific Water and are designed for Utah’s hard water. These water softeners have a life expectancy of 20 plus years. They come with a 10 year tank warranty and 5 year control head warranty. We avoid the big box stores water softeners because the resin inside does not last near as long and breaks down within a short amount of time. Contact us for a FREE quote on installing a new water softener.

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