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Water Main and Sewer Main Plumbing Services in Utah

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Water Main Plumbing Services in Utah

If you find yourself getting a large water bill from the city, this is often because there is a leak on your water main line somewhere from the meter to the front of the home. This usually takes place on old galvanized water lines, but can also occur on copper water lines as well. The main water supply pipe overtime becomes corroded in the ground, this will lead to a pin hole leak in the pipe and as the corrosion continues to grow it becomes worse to the point where it will constantly leak water out of the pipe and then inturn increases your water bill. One way you can check this yourself is by 1st shutting off the main water valve in the basement, then go out to the water meter in the front yard, remove the lid, look inside the meter opening and see if the water meter is still rotating/reading. If water is going through it, this will usually indicate a leak somewhere in the water main line. Give us a call and we can come out to check this for you free of charge and we will give you a FREE quote. With a water main replacement you will receive a new water main pipe from the meter to inside the home. This process is not invasive and we will also make sure to put all the landscaping/sod back in. The water replacement will also include a new shut off valve inside the home and a new pressure regulator to regulate the incoming water pressure from the city. This regulator valve will help to maintain the proper water pressure inside your home. The new water main line will last 30 plus years. Give us a call today and we can come out to evaluate your water main line to see if this is something that your home needs.

Sewer Main Plumbing Services in Utah

Sewer mains, especially in older homes, are known to have many problems like roots growing in the pipes/joints, or even the cast iron pipes corroding on the outside and the inside. This can indicate that its time to replace the old sewer drain pipes in your home and the sewer pipe from the home to the street.


We will remove all the sewer pipes and replace them with high quality abs or pvc plastic pipe. We will replace all the drain pipes to the bathrooms, kitchen sink, laundry drain, floor drain and even if needed the main drain from the home to the street. This will also eliminate the backups that you get from the build up of grease, hair, soap products and roots in your drainage system. With a new drainage plumbing system repipe done to your home this will ensure 30 plus years of trouble free plumbing drainage. Package this with a whole house water repipe and we can save you even more money. Give us a call today and we can come out to give you a FREE quote.

Water Main Plumbing Services in Utah
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