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Repipe Residential Homes or Commercial Buildings in Utah

We are experts to repipe your home or commercial building. Repiping your home is the plumbing solution that allows you to take a comfortable shower, wash laundry, wash dishes, in fact use all faucets and fixtures at the same time with the peace of mind of no leaks or corrosion. Repiping can also supply you with great water pressure in your home and prevents you from experiencing the inconsistent hot and cold water temperatures in your shower even if someone happens to flush the toilet or turns on a faucet. Repiping also can improve hot water delivery, eliminate costly water damage repairs and bills and save money on water lost in an inefficient system. During the repipe process we will remove the galvanized or polybutylene pipe, also known as PB or gray plastic pipe, and replace all the piping with a high quality Pex piping. This process begins at the water main inside the home. With a new repipe your home will receive a new shut off valve that allows you to shut off the water to the whole house, a new pressure regulator to help properly regulate the incoming water pressure from the city and new Pex pipe to the water heater, all the bathrooms, outside hose faucets, laundry room, kitchen sink, etc. We will also install new quarter turn shut off valves under all the sinks to the faucets and toilets and new hose faucets outside and any other valves needed. This process usually takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days. Also its recommended to install a water softener on the new system to help protect and extend the life of your new plumbing system in your home. Give us a call for a FREE quote to repipe your home today, don’t wait until its too late.

Repipe Homes or Residential Building in Utah
Repipe Commercial Buildings in Utah

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